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Shamanism is a powerful and profoud wisdom connecting us with the earth, our community and all of nature around us. Combining the ancient teachings of the Q'ero people of Peru with elements of Core Shamanism, I will soon be offering Shamanic healing and transformative energy work, to alleviate troubles in the soul body and mind. In addition to the key allies and Shamanic lineage of the Q'ero tradition, serveral of the natural bodies of North Wales such as the lakes and trees, are active and powerful elements in my work. 

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New - Guided Journey to Meet Your Power Animal

Every one of us has a special animal which is our companion ready to offer support and practical guidance through it's own unique brand of animal 'medicine'. It's medicine is understood as behaviours that are integral to it's own nature, and which it can express to us in an altered state through the 'Lower World'.  We can learn to build a relationship with this key ally through a guided journey to the sound of drumming.  In this unique experience you will be guided to meet your Power Animal for the first time and to begin a conversation with it. This animal can be from the water, air or land. All animals have an equal value and Power potential, whether they are large like the elephant or small and apparently humble like the frog. We can learn to build relationship through many further meetings.

Individual Session (30 minutes) £40

Two-Person Session (40 minutes) £60

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Further info coming soon on the new services below.

*email to register your interest.


Energy Cleansing
Solid and Liquid Extractions

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Soul Retrieval

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Sand Paintings

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