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I am
Eli Acheson-Elmassry


I am an Artist, Astrologer, Medium and Healer. This website is dedicated to bringing you my Astrological, Spiritual and Shamanic healing services. I am based in Anglesey, Wales, UK, though I have lived in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and travelled extensively as an artist and teacher. I have great respect for the many cultures, languages and lands I've encountered. I have always been intuitive, my first clairvoyant and spiritual experiences go back to being a child.

As an Astrologer I use Western and Vedic (Indian) systems to provide practical guidance in the areas of your life path, skills, relationships, family, career, opportunities, travel, leisure and health. Most of my clients have readings on-line (using Zoom), and consult me at different times regarding questions they may have in various areas of their life.

As a lightworker I focus on connecting and communicating with the spiritual realms in order to bring further understanding of the self, to facilitate soul healing, maximising personal energy and health and supporting the harmony between ourselves and our environment. My Spiritual Guidance sessions offer celestial and spirit guidance to enable you to connect and progress spiritually.

As a Medium and Psychic I work with clients to bring messages from departed loved ones, pets as well as people. I can read your personal psychic energy to give guidance and understanding, and help to answer questions and concerns.

Please feel free to be in touch with enquiries.  Contact for enquiries:

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